What Is Solar Battery Storage?

Dan Hunter

April 25, 2021

OK, at this point, you've been researching solar because you want to make your home more energy efficient, you want to save on your bills, or you want to control your electricity source and be more independent from the power utility's rule.  You've likely come across the term solar battery storage. According to EnergySage (Storing solar energy: how solar batteries work, 7/15/2020), 'the majority of solar installs now include batteries in North America', so there is clearly something of value here.  Further, NREL states that the cost of (Li-Ion) batteries have come down in price by 80% in the past 5 years (Declining Renewable Costs Drive Focus on Energy Storage, Jan. 2, 2020), with predictions of further price declines in the next few years, with the advent of massive global adoption of the Electric Vehicle.  

With a huge inflection point ramping up on electric vehicles, there will be even more draw on that tired electricity grid. Higher demand and much needed infrastructure improvements will drive higher electricity costs, and tax subsidies from our governments cannot continue to be pushed down the road forever, making electricity self-sufficiency and battery storage even more important in the future.  But I digress...

You see, solar battery storage not only allows you to maximize the savings on your electricity bills, it allows you to have back up when there is a black out on the grid.  In an article by Forever Green Energy from the UK (February 11, 2020) quote that solar battery storage can reduce your energy bills by over 30% in addition to the savings from using solar panels.

So here at Solr Solvr, we recommend that in your exploration of solar, it's important to understand WHAT solar battery storage is and HOW it works and the BENEFITS to you:  A key principle in Simple Solar, You Control.

Forever Green Solar's short guide is linked here.