What are the benefits of solar power?

Alessia Tavares

March 28, 2022

Solar power is a renewable source of energy, generated by sunlight. There are many reasons someone might consider solar, but the most common benefits are saving money on utility bills, lowering environmental impact, and the freedom of controlling your own power supply, while improving the value of your home as a “micro-generator”. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits!


The first and most obvious benefit that comes from installing solar panels is the fact that they are environmentally sustainable. Canadians are aware that climate change is a growing problem, and millions of households have lowered their energy usage by either replacing older appliances with energy efficient versions, or converting from gas burning to electric appliances. The next step is to consider where that electricity comes from. 

3.7 million people in Ontario still use natural gas to power their home, imported from western Canada and the US. Thousands of kilometres of pipeline are needed for transporting this non-renewable source of energy. Moreso, fossil fuel plants are not as efficient as you may believe, only converting about 50% of available energy into electricity. Canadians deserve clean, environmentally friendly electricity and the solution is literally hitting us on the head: Sunlight!

Canada’s location away from the equator may lead people to believe that solar power is not a viable option, but that is far from the truth. Many European countries with similar latitudes and sunlight hours, such as Germany, have already taken great steps to solarize and ease dependency on fossil fuels. There’s no better time for Canadians to follow suit! 

Saving money

From coast to coast, Canadians are dealing with rising electricity prices. Ontarians are currently paying $0.13/kWh on average. Historically, it can be seen that electricity prices rise about 4-6% per year, more than inflation, and that rate will go nowhere but up in the next few years. With a solar array and net-metering, you can become a micro-generator of energy for yourself (off-grid) or with the utility company (grid-tied)! 

Going solar is one renovation that will pay for itself over time.  Combine that with a 25+ year warranty and potentially a 40 year life, you will see these savings coming over the long term that can more than double your investment. 


Ontario’s electric infrastructure is aging, overloaded, and frequently not accessible to those living in remote communities. With the aid of a battery storage system, your home will no longer be susceptible to power outages, and you’ll be free from electric bills. Going off-grid is complex and is not suitable for everyone. Thorough consideration is needed to see if this solution is right for you.

Future Need 

As a society, we're switching from petroleum based fuel to electric "fuel" for electric vehicles, projected to be 20% of vehicles bought by 2025. This will require between 20-30% more electricity at home, where most people will charge their vehicles.  Are you ready for the next phase of optimizing your home energy use?

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