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Solr Solvr provides a Canadian solar marketplace, a trusted advisor to your customers and provides pre-qualified leads. We know your customers and can advise on how to best close the sale with them.

By providing your business profile, we help sell your services. Be assured this is held in complete confidentiality.

Less time is spent chasing solar curious ‘tire-kickers’ as we provide you with pre-qualified leads who have already started the purchase process: Solr Solvr provides an initial quote range and report to confirm their interest to still pursue free quotes. This is a professional report with their PV array size and image on their roof, a cost range and industry-trusted payout, that allow you to comfortably price within as you get more specific on system components and details to finalize the quote.

We save you time and effort by providing this report  that allows you to interact with
customers, track projects, and sell more solar arrays for you.

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We provide customer service from solar engineers, to help with your customers while you are busy installing and managing projects

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Why Solr Solvr doesn’t sell “exclusive quotes”

We know the customer needs multiple quotes to feel comfortable before proceeding with this large investment. 8 in 10 solar customers are getting competitive quotes anyway.

Solr Solvr provides a ‘controlled’ marketplace, while providing the installers with a level playing field to showcase your point of difference, link to your website and reviews. If we don’t provide competitive bids, they will go outside the Solr Solvr eco-system and reduce your chances of a sale further.

Lead generation for solar made simple

Solr Solvr helps Canadian consumers