About Us

Our roots for Clean Energy Solvr come from founding Solr Solvr in 2019. We aimed to simplify the renewable energy transition for our customers by offering advice, assessments, and direct connections to a network of qualified installers in the market. We poured our hearts into being reliable advisors, developing the perfect energy solutions for businesses and homeowners. We ensured our customers received quotes from expert installers in their region, and we supervised the process, even staying in touch for a year after installation to confirm the success of the transformation.

Our relentless pursuit of improving the energy landscape led us to our next evolution. As a result of countless customer requests for comprehensive renewable energy solutions, we expanded to "Clean Energy Solvr". We partnered with innovative and tested cleantech manufacturers and service providers to provide an all-in-one solution for our customers' energy needs.

Our new offering combined solar with other significant solutions like batteries, heat pumps, water heaters, EV's, off-grid power, e-tractors, e-marine, 24/7 ‘smart’ communications and reasonable financing to help assist in the transition. The advantages of this holistic approach were immediately apparent - lower energy bills, a stronger return on investment, and a remarkable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Today, Clean Energy Solvr continues to strive for a greener future. As the world begins to prioritize sustainable energy solutions, we're ahead of the curve, addressing the urgent need to slow climate change. We're identifying gaps in the market and filling them, such as the need for customizable, scalable and affordable renewable technologies, innovative energy storage solutions, and efficient real-time status updates. We also see the growing demand for decentralized energy systems and industry-specific solutions for areas like transport and agriculture - God bless our framing communities!

At Clean Energy Solvr, we're committed to pioneering new paths for innovation, leveraging proven technology advancements, and creating strategic partnerships that will not only fill existing gaps but will also contribute to a more sustainable future for our following generations. Join us on this journey as we take significant strides towards a greener and more sustainable world.

Clean Energy Solvr - Powering a Sustainable Future Together

The Smart Clean Energy Solutions You Control

Our Commitment to Green Defines Us

Empowering Sustainability for Homeowners and Businesses Alike

At Clean Energy Solvr, we are taking bold strides towards a future where access to clean energy is effortless. Our vision drives us into a world where you, our valued customer, possess the power to choose a sustainable way of life; all from the comfort of one innovative platform.


We envision and enact a greener, cleaner planet. We're making this vision a reality by offering a distinct one-stop marketplace for all your clean energy needs on the pathway to electrify your home or business needs. Our platform is a testament to what humanity can achieve when data and AI learning merge with sustainability –Clean Energy Solvr is the practical partner bringing this reality to our customers.

Mission Statement

Striving to be the best marketplace for clean energy solutions in North America, Clean Energy Solvr is not just a company; it is the flagship of the clean energy revolution. We are the vanguard of energy efficiency and renewable energy sourcing, dedicated to providing you with top-tier products and services that pave the way for a verdant future.

Go To Market

Disrupting and invigorating the renewable energy sector is our course. We are clearing the path for transformation by crafting an unprecedented online marketplace that connects cleantech inventors, innovators, and service providers directly with you – homeowners, businesses, environmental advocates, and pioneering spirits in homes, businesses as well as farming, marine, cycling, and off-grid locations.

The Clean Energy Solvr Experience

1. Comprehensive Range:

From solar panels to smart energy solutions, our marketplace boasts an extensive catalog of products and services designed to meet every clean energy requirement.

2. Informed Decision-Making:

Get educated on the best sustainable practices as you browse. We provide you the information and tools to compare and choose the best fit for your clean energy goals.  We can provide a holistic energy audit to show how the options work together to reduce bills and save on emissions. 

3. Personalization:

Whether you're just dabbling in sustainability or looking to fully remodel your energy systems, we tailor our services and offerings to perfectly align with your ambitions.

4. Green Easy:

Simplify your shift to clean energy with our straightforward, user-friendly interface that allows you to source, compare, and purchase with confidence and ease.

5. Community and Support:

Join a burgeoning community of like-minded individuals and benefit from our unwavering support every step of the way on your clean energy journey.

Better, Cheaper, Easier Energy Solutions

We are more than just an energy solutions provider; we are pioneers on a quest to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. Clean Energy Solvr is not just in the business of energy; we are in the business of hope, empowerment, and enduring change. Together with you, our footsteps will resonate as a legacy for the generations to come.

We imagine a world where customers can get all their clean energy resources at one place, at Clean Energy Solvr.

The Smart Clean Energy Solutions You Control.

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