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First, let's start with the name:  Solr Solvr.  We started with the idea to take this big imposing subject of Solar and make it simple for homeowners, using the marketplace know-how to make it 'solvable'. We wanted to drive solar penetration in Canada and use the power of the market to do so, by providing a safe place for homeowners to meet with installers, once they understood how it could help them. This company is about marrying the magical, mystical power of the sun with the latest technology in today's world, putting you in control of your electricity sources.

For decades, I've been solving marketplace problems, as a consultant and researcher, and I've always been a techie at heart, looking for the next innovation that can solve a problem. For over a decade I've been pursuing various applications for solar (advert signs, outdoor events, solar kits and generators) and then I started working with big Solar to really learn about the customers' pain points in the adoption of solar. It became clear that there are several problems with increasing the rate of adoption of solar, that need to be solved. Why is it so complicated? Why can't I shop for solar like other categories? Why isn't there more whole-home solutions to not just lower our bills but manage my energy source seamlessly?

Next, let's discuss how we got started. The reason we started Solr Solvr was due to this passion for solar power, running squarely into a pent-up demand for a simple solution, and a determined belief that there has to be a better way to know how solar can work for me. It also has to be frustrating for the solar installers who want to be able to sell, package, install and operate solar for homes, in today's day and age--without being charged with educating homeowners on their options.

When my wife and I moved into a house that made great sense for solar, my passion was quickly replaced with frustration as I encountered too many hurdles. Each solar installer had their "one best solution", and that changed with every installer you spoke with. They make you commit to a purchase before you can get your answer on "why solar works for me" and then find 'surprises' upon site checks, and then wait to get utility approvals spending months in red tape. At the other end were low-end vendors selling widgets piece-by-piece in a catalogue for solar systems, and you were left to figure out what you needed. I got so tired of hearing "well, it depends..." The trials I went through and the responses I got from competing offers were almost all the same. There's got to be a way to get to the understanding without committing. This "better way" became Solr Solvr:  It is evident there is a need to provide a better, simple solar solution.  

So we started Solr Solvr in 2019.

Solr Solvr is your trusted online solar advisor to clear your way to simple, next-generation, smart solar solutions to enrich your lives as homeowners. We work transparently in your interest to compare and explain quotes, to help with your decision.

We put you in control of your source of power, save you money, and provide a cleaner planet for generations to come.

Simple Solar, You Control.

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