Meet the Solr Solvr Team

Dan Hunter, CEO

Dan Hunter leads the team at Solr Solvr, as Chief Energy Officer. Dan brings 3+ years of consulting with large solar in the US, along with 20+ years in marketing research and consulting. This drives his natural curiosity and passion to make solar simpler for homeowners and business owners - that pays for itself and is good for the planet. Dan’s business leadership and marketing strength was molded at firms including Procter & Gamble and Molson-Coors. ​After years of working with large US solar installers, Dan set out to develop a team of great people to disrupt the solar market and deliver a unique service offering at Solr Solvr, in their pursuit of clean technology, while making this planet a better place for generations to come

Kevin Devonish, Lead Solar Engineer

Kevin is a technical solar specialist and master planner, with a passion for mixing business interest with saving the environment. As the founder of AES Energy Systems, a keynote speaker and renewable energy consultant, Kevin brings 10+ years and deep experience of over 30 residential solar installs and over 8 MW of project planning, structuring and design of large scale and distributed solar energy projects for the government and large institutions in Barbados.

Isabelle Lambinicio, Digital Marketing Lead

Isabelle handles our digital and social media as well Solr Solvr content. Isabelle has a range of experience from biotechnology, to pharmaceutical, to business development and marketing for both start-ups and large companies. With science and business background – she brings the art and science behind effective digital marketing

Nadia Romito, Behavioural Scientist & Insights

Nadia has run several marketing research departments both on the supplier and client side. This, and her programming expertise fuel her passion for digging into renewable energy to help accelerate marketplace adoption. Nadia is a database expert, with 10+ years of experience designing, building, programming, while providing an easy, everyday useful interfaces for the database, that capitalizes on proprietary AI for improved marketing and ROI

Delaynie Hunter, Comms & PR

Delaynie is Solr Solvr's Social and Digital Communications expert, as she brings her Media, Information and Technocuture communications and social media degree from UWO to life together with her practical experience from various agency roles as an events expert, digital and social media campaign manager.


Sam Ricchezza

Sam Ricchezza sits on the Advisory Board, after having led several companies with over 30 years of diverse industry experience delivering bottom-line results. He brings his entrepreneurial spirit by instilling a results-focused culture and implementation. Sam has a large network of resources along with his skillset that ranges from strategy development, marketing, sales to finance and accounting. 

Trevor Hand

Trevor is President of SunGrid Power in Texas and he also runs a construction crew of solar technicians. Like everything in Texas, this is grid-scale utility and Trevor brings big know-how to the team on the latest solar technologies, including product and system knowledge.

Michael Brown

Bret Conkin

As a member of Solr Solvr's Advisory board, Bret brings over 10 years assisting SMEs source capital and building communities via his consulting firm CrowdfundSuite. CrowdfundSuite has helped raise over $50M and build crowds of customers for diverse clients spanning technology, real estate, B2B and consumer goods. A past board member of the Stanley Park Ecological Society, Bret looks forward to assisting the company mission to innovate and contribute to a cleaner world.