Do's and Don'ts of Rooftop Solar Panels

Dan Hunter

April 25, 2021

One of the first decisions to make when you start your solar power journey is if you will mount the solar panels on your roof or use a stand-alone mount on the ground. Most people think about where they can get maximum sun, south facing and minimum shading.  

Once you decide that rooftop solar is your best solution (as it is for most), did you know that there are International Building Codes regulations that you need to adhere to when you are putting solar panels on your roof?  

This is needed for i) quick exit from upper floor windows and ii) access pathways for firefighters.  We will always recommend an installer first, because they are qualified for all of this. However, for a DIY solar 'wannabe' that can be a little intimidating, but at Solr Solvr, we can help on design and walk you through those rules, including fire, structural and building code, and assist you step by step to get a building permit, if necessary. Know your comfort level for the job at hand. We can help you simplify to proceed safely and to put you in control of your energy choices.

To learn more, the full article from Solar Power World (April 16, 2018, by Dan Felix) is here.

Smart planning and working with advisors like Solr Solvr, who help you find a qualified installer or for simpler jobs, do it yourself every step of the way, will get you solarized in no time!