Best Solar Installation Companies in Calgary, AB

Dean Emerick

February 22, 2023

As the world shifts to renewable sources of energy, Calgary is leading the charge. Solar power has become a popular choice for electricity in Alberta, and with good reason. Not only is solar energy incredibly sustainable, but it can also save homeowners money on their energy bills. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to choosing the best solar installation companies in Calgary, AB. We'll explain why solar energy is extremely important, as well as how you can benefit from professional solar installation services in Calgary. With advice from experts and lots of research, you will be able to make an informed decision when making the switch to solar for your home or business. Read on if you're looking to find a reliable and cost-effective solution for your energy needs!

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Overview of Solar Power in Calgary AB

Calgary, with a population of over 1.6 million people, is quickly becoming one of the most progressive cities when it comes to solar energy. It is aiming to become Canada's face in both wind and solar energy by the year 2025. With generous ongoing incentives and nearly 2400 hours of sunshine each year, Calgary is the perfect place for homeowners, businesses, and organizations to take advantage of the many benefits that solar power has to offer.

The most evident benefit of solar energy systems for Calgary residents is the financial savings associated with switching from traditional energy sources that are high-cost. In addition to reducing emissions and helping the environment, solar panels provide free electricity. The initial solar panel installation might have a high upfront cost, but this can be neutralized or minimized depending on the available government rebates at the time or getting a grid-tied system that can take advantage of net-billing.

In any case, solar electric systems will not only reduce electricity bills over the long term but also pay back, on average, in 6 to 10 years. Moreover, solar energy also increases home value by up to 4% since buyers are often willing to pay more for homes that come with solar panels already installed.

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In order to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources like solar, the provincial government of Alberta occasionally rolls out incentive programs for Calgarians looking to invest in solar energy systems. These might include grants for installing rooftop photovoltaic systems as well as rebates on certain types of roof-mounted solar systems that can reduce overall costs. On top of that, net billing programs allow users to sell any excess electricity generated back into the grid at a fixed rate.

Despite these incentives, there can still be some hurdles preventing the wider adoption of solar power in Alberta, namely the upfront cost and public perception. Prices have dropped significantly over the last few years, especially when factoring in any potential subsidies and grants offered by provincial agencies.

However, they remain higher than those associated with traditional fuel sources such as coal or natural gas. Nonetheless, there are currently over 16,000 solar PV systems installed in Alberta. Of these systems, around 77% cater to residential users while the rest goes to the commercial, farm, and other areas.

This figure grows each year as more people become aware of the economic and environmental advantages of transitioning from fossil fuels to solar power. As technology continues to improve and costs drop further, we are likely to see even greater adoption rates in the years to come. But the good news is that the change is happening, and it is happening fast! Those who take the initiative now will be at the forefront of this new era of a green revolution.

Criteria for choosing the best solar panel companies in Calgary AB

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Choosing the best solar company for your needs is an important decision. Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or save money on energy costs, it is essential to find a company that offers excellent quality products and services to ensure that your investment pays off over time. When considering which solar panel company to choose, there are several criteria that should be taken into account.

1. Experience and Reputation

When you're choosing a solar panel solution for your home, it's important to consider the experience and reputation of the company you're going with. A solar PV system is an investment worth making. And companies with years of experience in the industry and a track record of producing high-quality results will ensure quick return on investment. Additionally, reading reviews from past customers can give you a good idea of how reliable a company is. If lots of other people have had a positive experience with them, chances are you will too!

2. Quality of Products and Services

Double-checking the quality of products and services should be one of your utmost priorities. To identify reputable providers, look for high-quality solar panels, comprehensive coverage, efficient installation times, and detailed maintenance offerings as indicators that they are reliable. Researching all of your options and comparing quotes from multiple vendors will ensure you receive the highest quality products at the best prices available.

3. Technical Expertise

The third most important factor to consider when evaluating solar panel companies is their technical expertise. The quality and success of solar installation will depend on the level of knowledge that a company's technicians have. Look for Calgary solar panel companies that are experienced in installing custom solar solutions. Knowledgeable teams can ensure the job is done right and quickly. Look for evidence of past projects to get an idea of a company's technical expertise.

4. Customer Service and Support

A company's customer service and after-sale support are just as important as its high-efficiency panel systems. This ensures complete customer satisfaction and positively impacts the overall value of their products. Everything counts, from addressing queries quickly and competently to providing reliable technical support. Companies that offer great customer service and understand the importance of building relationships with customers should be at the top of your list.

5. Warranty and Guarantees

Solar panels generally have a lifespan of up to 25 years. The best solar panels on the market will continue to work after that period with a slight decrease in their efficiency. However, it is always suggested to err on the side of caution and look for warranties when choosing a solar panel company. A substantial warranty program can give homeowners peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected. Look for companies that offer long-term warranties, covering both the panels and the workmanship of the installation. Additionally, consider companies that offer performance guarantees, such as a guarantee on the minimum power output of the panels.

6. Energy Efficiency and Innovation

Take into account energy efficiency and innovation when choosing a solar energy provider. Look for companies that use advanced technology in their systems, such as tracking devices that allow them to generate more electricity in lower light conditions and adjustable cells that provide optimal performance regardless of the weather outside.

7. Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is another important factor to consider when getting a solar system installed. When researching solar companies for your home or business, consider looking at their commitment to sustainability and green energy sources. Some companies may be more focused on cutting expenses. At the same time, some may prefer to rush delivery timelines over environmental action. Look out for companies dedicated to reducing greenhouse gases from their operations. With the effects of climate change looming, choosing a solar panel supplier with conservation at its core is essential for creating a greener and more sustainable future for all!

8. Pricing and Financing Options

And last but certainly not least, pricing and financing options have to be taken into account. Prices will vary between companies, and you'll want to make sure that you opt for the one that offers the most savings in the long run. Financing options are also important; several companies may offer good deals on cost but might not have good repayment plans. So these factors should be assessed carefully before making a decision. Try to research ahead of time and get as much information as possible on both pricing and financing. This will ensure you make an informed decision that will lead to savings in the long run.

Are solar panels worth it in Calgary, AB?

Absolutely! Using solar energy to power your home or business in Calgary is a great way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. There are two main types of solar solutions: residential and commercial. The core differences between these two lies in their scale, the installation size and cost, the return on investment (ROI) timeline, and available incentives.

For residential properties, a single-family house or condominium can install solar panels on their property to generate free electricity from sunlight. With solar panel costs at an all-time low, savings generated from using this renewable energy source can often be seen in as little as five years, meaning you can start seeing long-term financial benefits almost immediately. Any possible incentives such as rebates, tax credits, and net billing available for homeowners in Calgary can further reduce their out-of-pocket expenses when switching to solar energy use.

On the other hand, commercial properties typically require larger installations with higher upfront costs but the savings generated by switching to renewable energy sources tend to be much higher than with residential systems. Commercial solar projects may sometimes also qualify for more generous incentives, which allow businesses to sell excess electricity back into the grid at a premium rate. This provides an additional revenue stream over time until solar panels recoup their initial costs.

Overall, solar panels are definitely worth it in Calgary! Not only will you save money, but you'll also be doing your part to protect the environment while reducing your carbon footprint. With changing incentive programs for both residential and commercial solar solutions in Calgary, it is always a good time to make the switch and install solar panels. Get started today and start powering your home or business with clean renewable energy!

The benefits of professional solar installation services in Calgary

Living in Calgary shouldn't mean having to resort to traditional energy sources, which can be expensive and not environmentally friendly. Professional solar installation services in Calgary offer amazing benefits:

  1. Expertise: Professional solar installers have the experience, training, and knowledge to design and install a system that is tailored to your specific needs and budget.
  2. Safety: Installing solar panels can be a complex and dangerous process. A professional installer will ensure that the job is done safely, reducing the risk of injury or damage to your home.
  3. Quality workmanship: Professional solar installers will use the highest-quality materials and artistry to ensure that your system is installed correctly and functions optimally for years to come.
  4. Time-saving: Hiring a professional solar installer saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other tasks and responsibilities.
  5. Efficiency: Professional installers have the tools and equipment needed to complete the job quickly and efficiently, minimizing the disruption to your daily life.


Installing a solar energy system is an excellent way to save on your electricity bills and help the environment at the same time. Calgary has some of the best solar installation companies, offering reliable services and flexible financing options. Taking into account factors such as system size, budget, location, and aesthetics will help you make the most informed decision possible based on your unique situation. With so many great choices available in Calgary, it's easy to find a high-quality solar installation company that meets your specific needs and preferences. Get free solar quote here!


Do I need a permit to install solar panels in Calgary?

In Calgary, you may need a permit to install solar panels. It depends on the size of the installation and your location in Calgary. This allows you to operate your system safely and legally.

How many solar panels do you need for a house in Calgary?

If you're looking to use solar power in your home in Calgary, the average requirement is between 14 and 18 solar panels of 400 W each. This is equal to around 5.6 kW to 7.2 kW of output. These solar panels should be more than enough to power a house, depending on its size, and provide you with lots of energy savings!

How long do solar panels last in Canada?

You can expect your solar system to last up to 25 years in Canada; the best thing is that it doesn't wholly die after that. It can still produce a considerable amount of clean energy. That is a long time period that attests to the fact that solar panel installations have become a reliable source of renewable energy.

Do solar panels increase home value in Calgary?

Yes! Solar panels are a great investment. Not only will you save on the electricity bill, but they can also add up to an additional 4% of the value of your home when the time comes to resell.

Do solar panels work in winter in Canada?

They do! Even if sunlight levels dip significantly during winter, solar panels can still generate energy sufficient to power a home, depending on its size and the number of solar panels installed.

Do solar panels need a lot of maintenance?

Solar panels are surprisingly low-maintenance and really only require minimal upkeep once in a while. They can last up to 25 years or more with minor cleaning and inspection. This makes them a great long-term investment that keeps providing benefits over their lifetime.

Will solar panels damage my roof?

When considering a switch to solar power, one of the biggest worries most homeowners have is whether or not the panels will cause any damage to the roof. The good news is that modern solar panels are designed to be lightweight and durable, making them ideal for installation on existing rooftops.